Essay Movie Review : ' Freedom Writers '

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As I was sitting on the couch over the past weekend, I decided to search for a good move on Netflix. As I began my search through the drama options I ran across the movie “Freedom Writers.” I was introduced to this movie during my freshman year at Prairie View A&M. It was a boring weekend on campus, and none of my friends were leaving to go back to their home towns so we decided to go to the theater on campus, that particular day they were playing “Freedom Writers,” and since none of us had ever watched it we decided to stay. Even though this is not my favorite film, it is on my must see list of recommended movies and since I knew my analysis paper was due soon I decided that this would be the perfect movie to analyze.
“Freedom Writers” is based upon a true story about an idealistic young Caucasian English teacher named Erin Gruwell, who takes a teaching job at Woodrow Wilson high school located in the inner city of Los Angeles California. Her enthusiasm is quickly tested when she realizes that her class was full of troubled youth known as the “unteachables” who were not interested and as eager to learn as she envisioned. Even though she knew it would be a hard, Erin still rose to the challenge to give the students a positive experience that would later reconstruct their lives. However, she did not realize that her life too would change.
Early on in the movie two students Eva, who is the narrator of the story and Sidny finds themselves in the middle of a drive by shooting…

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