Movie Review : Forrest Gump Essay

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The movie I decided to watch was Forrest Gump (1994). I had not watched it in years, so thought it would be a good one to watch. I completely forgot all the traumatic events that occurred during this movie. Most people when they think about this movie and you say trauma, they just think about Lt. Dann and forget about all the things that happened to Forrest and Jenny when they were children.
From the start of the movie, I had forgotten about how Jenny had been affected as a child. It was not to long into the movie that Forrest was talking to Jenny and she did not want to go home and how she was not at school one day. When Forrest went to her house they ran out into the fields and prayed so she could turn into a bird and “fly far far away”. Instead the cops took Jenny to her Grandmother’s house.
Forrest used his running from bullies to get him on the football team in college and many situations in life. When Forrest was in the military he used his running which he had developed due to being bullied to get him out of dangerous situations and save people’s lives. However, Gump did not see this good thing as he had lost one of his best friends due to the fact that he could not get to him in time, and save his life. This ended up causing survivor’s guilt for Forrest. After he stops talking about the situation, he states, “That’s all I have to say about that.”
Jenny reflected several times on her past and had PTSD from what happened with her father. She even had…

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