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In this movie review, I will be discussing the comparisons between Tora, Tora, Tora and Das Boot. Both movies based during World War II, from the perspective of our enemies on both war fronts. Seeing the events of each movie unfold from the German and Japanese perspective help one understand why and how certain out comes took place.
Tora, Tora, Tora focuses on the events and plans set out by the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7th, 1941. What is unique to this particular film, is that we have the ability to see these events unfold from an American and a Japanese perspective. As the Japanese inch closer to their attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States begins to intercept Japanese telegrams giving the United States access to Japan’s plans and whereabouts in the Pacific. Vice-Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Navy insist that the plan to attack Pearl Harbor is too risky. Traveling 3500 miles without being detected would be nearly impossible, unless they had the element of surprise. Isoroku Yamamoto, knowing this gamble insisted to go ahead with the attack.
As the United States intercepts enemy information from the Japanese, precautionary steps were not taken to the extent or as seriously as they should have been from hindsight 20-20. The United States and Japan negotiate back and forth as Japan looks for what they say is a peaceful solution. Even though Japan 's Commander-in-Chief is for Pearl Harbor if a peaceful solution…

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