Movie Review : Film Movies Essay

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If one were to go the movies on any given day, it 's highly likely that they 'll see a plethora of people in attendance, waiting to see a movie as well. As they walk deeper into the building and get into the theaters, they 'll see people hailing from different cultures and seeing different movies, but they 're all there for the same reason: to escape into a dreamland. Everybody has a predilection on what genre(s) of films are the most appealing, but regardless of their preference, you can find them all cramming into a theater, trying to find the best seat to watch the newest movie. Despite popular belief, movie genres such as comedy, adventure and action, horror, and romance movies can tell you about the audience that it lures in.

First and foremost, there 's the comedy genre, which is one of the oldest genre of films. Going to movie theaters and sharing laughs with friends and strangers a like is a tradition that many people indulge in. It 's such an appreciated past time that even movies outside of the genre has incorporated comedy elements into their films. What separates comedy from the other genres is that it 's main objective is to get the audience to laugh as much as possible. People who prefer comedy movies generally love to laugh or make people around them laugh at whichever point conceivable, resembling the characters and the situations within the movies. Although those who share these qualities can be irritating to some, it is often a quality that people are…

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