Movie Review : ' Eva, Wait ! ' Essay

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“Eva, wait!” Mike rolls off me and throws the comforter to the ground, but he’s too late. Eva’s engine roars as Mike stumbles out of bed and reaches for the doorknob. He slumps on the edge of the bed, defeat distorting his features.

“This isn’t right,” he says. “She should be with us.”

So I didn’t mishear him. “Well, you got a lot to make up to her if you want that to happen. Hell, so do I.”

He turns to me, swinging his legs back up on the bed. “You want her here, too?”

I prop myself up on my elbow. “A threesome’s been on my to-do list since high school.”

“You should have told me before.”

“I might have if you hadn’t put this in my mouth.” I reach for his half-flaccid cock. My fingers flutter over the head. He lies down on his side, expecting me to continue. I pull my hand back instead.

“Goddammit, Chloe.” He flops onto his back.

“Consider it punishment.” I give him a wicked grin. “Come to think of it, you’re lucky she’s not chopping it off right now. This is nothing.”

He cringes. “You’re way better at giving head than you are at giving comfort, you know.”

“Oh, come on, your part’s easy. Just smile at her and tell her I mean nothing to you. She’s a sucker for a pretty face.”

“I don’t think that’ll be enough.”

“Well, it won’t hurt. You might wanna trim your beard, though.”

A hint of a smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. “I need your help, then. We’re gonna have to come at this from both angles.”

“What, your beard?” I shoot him a look.

“No, I mean Eva.”


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