Movie Review : ' Andy ' Essay

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For example; at the beginning of the movie Andy was feeling stressed, because the work and the environment of work didn’t match her personality or her own job culture. Consequently; the attitude towards the job was negative. She started to behave differently like counter-productive where she was doing what she supposed to do or she was happy that it was Friday. However; throw out the movie Andy’s attitude have changed and she started to change here behavior. One day he started to think the way the employees of the company think and dress. She ask the man, who helps Miranda, to help her Andy to dress up the way she supposed to dress. Than the attitude towards her have changed at the end of movie. Everyone were respecting her, and even Miranda was so surprised the way Andy have changed. At the end there was no stress between Andy and her job that is why her attitude and behavior have changed so much that people who work with her were envying her, because she was so perfect for the job. The leader ship that Miranda had was kind of effective and ineffective in some ways. In my opinion it was not effective because there was no communication between employer and the leader. This kind of leadership is similar to a leader ship theory which is called LEADER MEMBER EXVHANGE this theory has two parts one is high quality LMX relationships, which is to have mutual respect between the leader and the followers, and second part is low quality LMX relationships portray lower levels of…

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