Essay Movie Review : 12 O ' Clock High

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Film Summary The fictional film I chose this week was the 1949 film 12 O’clock High which was produced by Darryl F. Zanuck and directed by Henry King. The film was based on the United States Army’s, Eighth Air Force and its hard-nosed commander Brigadier General (BG) Frank Savage, played by the movies lead actor, Gregory Peck. Peck’s character, BG Savage, was portrayed as a hard charging, do or die pilot and commander that demanded absolute adherence to discipline and one hundred percent effort through mission accomplishment or death. The fictional Eighth Air Force depicted in the movie was not used to this type of leadership and showed outward signs of dissatisfaction and contempt. This initial resistance was due to the lax leadership of BG Savage’s predecessor, COL Davenport, played by actor Gary Merrill. The movie portrayed COL Davenport as a courageous leader that was very close to his troops. So close in fact that he had crossed the line between friend and leader. As a friend COL Davenport became very close to his men, extraordinarily concerned for their safety, and as a result could not effectively discipline insubordinate, undisciplined behavior, and found it increasingly difficult to send his men to conduct the extremely dangerous day time bombing raids. The movie did a great job of demonstrating the fact that leaders must always remember that they are in charge and that they must instill focused vision while always demanding adherence to standards. The movie…

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