Movie Report On Joker 's Face Essay

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“Touching down at the British Incirlik Air Base, in Turkey, Joker and I headed over to Operations Command to find and meet with General Mathers. We were dirty, tired and Joker’s uniform was full of drying blood.”
“What in the name of God were you people into? Come in and sit down, the General invited.”
“He seemed surprised by our appearance. Joker told him that he would stand. He was sure the General didn’t want his nice furniture all messed up.”
“What happened out there?”
“The General’s voice was sincere. He didn’t know what we had been through. So I briefed him on it all, including the prisoner and the mass murder.
I told him that we called it in, but they said nothing. The anger on Joker’s face was so plain that Mathers noticed it.”
“No one told me anything,” announced the General. “Not about the prisoner or the civilian executions.”
“He picked up the phone and called for someone from communications to come to his office. When the pen pusher arrived, the General furiously asked him.”
“Who was the pilot on the flight that picked up their prisoner. I want him in here and now. Also, why wasn’t I told about the executions outside Reyhanli?” The soldier swallowed pausing nervously trying to find the words.
“Well, Sergeant, I’m waiting for some answers.”
“Mathers was frustrated beyond words and that irritation cast across a very angry face spilled over.”
“Sir the Pilot was Lt. Mitchell.”
“I want him in here without delay,” ordered the General.
“Regarding the communications…

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