Essay about Movie Report : ' Grandma Dodie 's ' House On Sunday Night '

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We had been aching for some fun that week, however none of us had any ideas on what “kind” of fun we wanted. The week was quite stressful, due to many tests, assignments, and life in general, so we decided we needed a good “stress reliever” for the weekend. I guess just like every other teenager, my friends and I live for the weekend, because we started planning the event for that weekend around Monday of that week. We had finally decided that we were going to throw a party at Summer Martin’s ‘grandma Dodie’s’ house on Friday night, since her grandma would be out of town that weekend visiting her son. The week went on and Friday had finally arrived! My friends and I were all jittery at school that day, being that we had a scheduled two-hour early dismissal and knowing the plans we had for that evening; how could we not be? Through the excitement of the day, we still had to keep our cool and not let anyone know what we were doing that night, because we didn’t want the party to get out of hand. The house was very small, and located in a neighborhood in the middle of downtown lewisburg, so things needed to be kept on the downlow. When the clock hit 3:25 we peeled out of the school doing about 95 around the Fairlea 500. We all knew that we wanted something cheap to eat, since we would need money for drinks later, so we decided to eat at McDonald’s. After we ate, none of us had any plans for the afternoon, so we drove around town in the infamous “black hoe.” This car was…

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