Movie Reflection Essay

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What is in your movie?
ENG 225
Hannah Judson
March 15, 2010

What is in your movie?
How does one analysis a movie? How does one watch a movie? What are you looking for in the movie? When you watch the movie, does the movie tell you a story or do you learn any life lessons from it? Movie making is considered an industry and an art form; as an artist media, it can come in a form of expression. A movie has so many components intertwined into it to make it overall and complete. Therefore, is there any one component that is superior to the other when the creators are composing the movie? There are so many elements and components used in creating and analysis a movie. However, before we take a look at those elements, let’s take a look
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No so, as in the case of Charlie Chaplin, he had a very unique walk of his own. When Charlie Chaplin would walk in the film, you could tell who it was without even seeing the actor’s face. It has stated that silent films at its best could express ideas that words itself could not express. As we have enjoyed silent films for many years, we have come to love and enjoy other forms of techniques that unfortunately were not in the silent films. For example, as we moved out of the silent film era, we moved deeper into sounds and we are therefore able to hear the dialogue that gives a different type of expression and experience. Considering that film is usually thought of as a visual medium, sound plays an incredibly vital role. There are three very important elements that go into creating sounds in motion films, they are, sound effects, dialogue, and musical score. By adding these elements into the movie, they are increasing the involvement and intensity of the experience. Capturing great quality of sound for the movie is another craft that you will need to learn. If the film contains dialogue, it is very important to be able to record it so the words and mouth movements match up; this is known as “lip sync”. Shooting film is not just getting a hold of a camera, unlike video, you cannot just record sound directly into the camera, and you will need to record onto sound-recording equipment, like a tape recorder.

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