Immigration Documentary Analysis

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Movie Exercise #3: Migration
Husai Moreno
Yakima Valley Community College

After seeing the video, I personally believe that undocumented migration is good because it allows people to have an opportunity and earn good wages. Foreigners are given the chance to come to the United States and for the majority of reasons being to finance himself or someone else. Whether it be for himself or family, migration to this country as helpful to the immigrants and they deserve opportunities like others. One interesting point in the film that made me recognize my position on migration and immigration reform was that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement made deportation an increasingly high priority and that they needed the numbers of
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Another interesting point is that the foreign workers are being stopped, questioned, and detained for no reason. In New York, NY, an Immigration Detention Center was even created in the middle of the largest agricultural producing areas in the state. These foreign workers are being targeted when they are doing the simplest things such as grocery shopping, going to church, or even doing laundry. Border patrol has struck fear into these workers and can 't even go to the store because they are afraid to be deported. I honestly can say I stand on the side for undocumented migration because the majority of cases these immigrants have been doing well in this country. Also, these workers have done nothing to break any laws and are just trying to live a good life. Lastly, I want to include my personal experience working in a dairy farm and it isn 't pleasant at …show more content…
For example, Mexicans came to the US for money and be able to provide themselves or family back in this country. I can assume that the person is more than willing glad to take any job that earns a good or great wage and is enough. Even though they may not like it entirely, they are doing it because they have no other choice. On the contrary, Americans are not as appreciative to have a job like Mexicans. We cannot necessarily for someone to do something they don 't want to do because we have freedom in the US. Although people should not assume the jobs of dirty work like milking forms should be for the ones who are willing to do it, Mexicans, and think of them as less equal or differentiate. The nation needs to recognize their sacrifice and appreciate instead of discriminating the Mexican individual. To get back to the point, I presume jobs like the milk farming shouldn 't be forced on the Americans, but continue to be offered to foreigners. However, Mexicans are important to the country for the well to take such difficult labor jobs and should even be credited, not to mention accepted. I suspect that the only solution to the immigration problem would be to ignore it. Immigrants have not Disturbed the peace in the country and/or perpetrated harm to the citizens. Alternatively, we have helped companies keep production going as well as show industrious qualities the most Americans don

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