Essay on Movie Exercise # 3 : Migration

1099 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Movie Exercise #3: Migration
Husai Moreno
Yakima Valley Community College

After seeing the video, I personally believe that undocumented migration is good because it allows people to have an opportunity and earn good wages. Foreigners are given the chance to come to the United States and for the majority of reasons being to finance himself or someone else. Whether it be for himself or family, migration to this country as helpful to the immigrants and they deserve opportunities like others. One interesting point in the film that made me recognize my position on migration and immigration reform was that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement made deportation an increasingly high priority and that they needed the numbers of immigrants removals high in order to “look good.” On top of that, there have been instances where the immigrants are being deported back to their country and then (ICE) picks them up to send them to jail, which adds more numbers and the citizens of America pay for it with taxes. This is quite interesting to me because the government is using everybody 's money for things that aren 't as nearly necessary. What is more, Hispanics have a positive impact on the United States with hard work and commitment and have shown their good-natured character with their employers and companions who work with them. Another interesting point is that the foreign workers are being stopped, questioned, and detained for no reason. In New York, NY, an…

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