Essay about Movie, But I 'm A Cheerleader

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This essay intends to analyse the 1999 film ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’. The film explores many different themes with a focus on sexuality, gender and family. It makes use of exaggerated stereotypes, specific costuming styles and set design in order to highlight and emphasise certain aspects of characters and the issues discussed within then film. The story follows Megan who was unwillingly sent to an almost comedic version of a Conversion Therapy camp by her parents; it is from here that the meat of these themes can be analysed from within the film. These reoccurring themes throughout the film can be linked to youth transitions in the ways in which they explore the issues highlighted, therefore this essay will make use of differing analytical sources such as sociological article’s, statistical studies and empirical research in order to examine the issues and themes raised throughout the film.

Being that this is a queer youth film But I’m a Cheerleader has an obvious and heavy focus on sexuality, as well as including ideas surrounding gender performativity and family, specifically looking at how those two subjects interact with sexuality. Megan is the main character of the film and due to her religious parents is sent to a gay conversion therapy camp. During this time, other characters are met portray exaggerated stereotypes of gay youth. For example Graham, Megan’s eventual love interest, has short hair and smokes often when on screen, common tropes of gay women in…

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