Essay on Movie, But I 'm A Cheerleader

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The film, But I’m a Cheerleader, is about how parents send their homosexual teenagers to a rehabilitative camp called True Directions to have them converted into heterosexuals. The film specifically focuses on Megan, who is a cheerleader, whose friends and family suspect her of being a lesbian which ends up in her being sent to True Directions to be “fixed”. In the film, there are two multicultural issues which engulf and define the film which would be the issues of gender and sexuality. Gender and sexuality have a tendency to overlap and in this film they do so through the concepts of gender identity, gender roles, heteronormativity, and sexual orientation.
First, we must understand the concepts in which through gender and sexuality will overlap. Gender identity refers to how an individual psychologically identifies when it comes to gender and how they personally express their association with that said gender. Gender roles are the culturally appropriate roles constructed by society which are associated with being a member of a specific sex (Risman). Heteronormativity is the concept in which heterosexuality is considered the norm in society and goes beyond association with sexual conduct. Last, but not least, sexual orientation is “the complexity of human sexual, affectional, and erotic attractions” (Garnets).
In the film, there are five steps that must be completed in order to be converted into a heterosexual. Specifically, “Step 2: Rediscovering Your Gender Identity,”…

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