Essay about Movie Analysis : War And The Tough Dark Journey

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The movie commences with upside down images and faces imprinted on its memory. We observe yellow fog and trees which precede a napalm air strike. We find a soldier face which is pained and disillusioned. This depicts war everywhere. The soldiers merge with another soldier and disappear into the forest. The soldier is tormented and possessed; he looks at his image in the mirror and grins to destroy it. He wraps himself in his blood, and this reminds us of his face painted with mad. In this scene, the camera follows him; this allows the audience to view as he descends into the depth of his misery. Lighting is the critical element in the film. The shadowy and dark look of the movie upholds the theme of war and the tough dark journey the soldiers undertake therein. The lighting of the movie is exceedingly illustrative of the hazards of the war in the wilderness and also a figurative trip that the fighters attempt in the spiritual domain. The colors depicted in the movie mirror the whole journey. The root hues at the beginning of the movie remind us that we are still on earth, this shows us that all the soldiers are in a war zone, they still alive. The camera movement technique has also been deployed in the movie. The film is marked by a slow camera movement. Many times the camera is stationed right on the boat. The film is characterized by slow movements, slow tracks, and slow pans. At the beginning of the movie Willard gets the assignment of killing Kurtz. When the general…

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