Essay on Movie Analysis : ' Waiting For Superman '

770 Words Jan 28th, 2016 4 Pages
In the Film “Waiting for Superman” the representation of schools in America is weighted down greatly by the “bad” or prone to failure schools. The film helps the viewer understand that many educational systems and school districts in America are lacking not only in one area but many, and gives us specific scenarios in which students have been affected. The film contributes a well-rounded view of the Educational problems in America today and ways in which we can help make a change and make sure our future generations are able to have a better experience. The film itself gave great insight on the different day to day problems different families have to deal with in order to give their children a better future. Anthony and young boy who lives in Washington DC explains how he wants to be able to be someone one day by going to school, but the school in which he is in will lead him to a “drop out factory” or a middle school and high school that has high drop out percentages. The “system” that is affecting this students are the ones that are supposed to be helping them. The schools that have turned into some children’s worst nightmares are the ones that were supposed to save them. It’s quite sad to see how this school have remained open for years and even sadder when the film reveals that some of the worst schools are right next to our country’s capital. I do believe that the Educational System needs to be looked over once again. Not only from the school and classroom…

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