Movie Analysis : Thee I Sing Essay

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Premiered at the Music Box Theatre in New York City on December 26, 1931, Of Thee I Sing is the most successful of three political satires written by American playwright, George Simon Kaufman. In 1932, Of Thee I Sing became the first musical ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama. It was also the first American musical with a consistently satirical tone. Throughout the musical, the presidency, U.S. Supreme court, and congress are all targets of its satire. Moving into the actual musical, the plot follows Mr. John P. Wintergreen, who is running for President of the United States of America. His presidential campaign strongly relies on the power of “falling in love” in order to gain support for his election. However, Mr. Wintergreen falls for the wrong woman, which ultimately puts himself in a difficult political situation. In this essay, we will take a look at the spectacle and the music of the production. We will discuss how both of these elements connect to the overall theme of the musical. As we remember from class, the most important element of drama is the theme, which is the overall message that the production is trying to convey. The theme of a musical can oftentimes be clearly stated in the title, given through dialogue by a character, or may be less obvious and only realized after some thought about the production. As we know already know, Of Thee I Sing is obviously very satirical of the government of the United States. So what message could this musical…

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