Movie Analysis : The Movie Theaters Essay

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Movie theaters started in the 1900 's as a way for families to get together and enjoy movies. Over the past decade movie theaters have continued to function in this manner, while they have some changes such as creating a drive in movie or creating a more relaxing environment with servers who bring you food and drinks . At a new movie theater, Casa Blanca in San Antonio, Texas, they offer a new way for customers to enjoy movies in comfortable reclining chairs. While, society is always offered the option to enjoy a newly released film at the movies it is always an option to stay at home and watch the same film. Weather you are at home or the movies you can enjoy the same movie, but with slightly different experiences. A few factors that contribute to these different experiences are the economic expenses, peacefulness, and comfort.

Watching a movie at home can be a great place to watch at movies after you darken the house, turn the volume up loud, and enjoy a snack of your choice. Sometimes watching a movie at home can feel like you are at the theaters, but without spending the money, having to deal with a terrible audience, or the discomfort. Usually, when someone goes to the movies they can spend $10 only on the ticket. Then, usually about another $10 after you buy a popcorn and a drink. Eventually, by the end of the night you have spent at least $20. In contrast, if you were to watch the same movie at home it would cost about $2 on a Red Box rental and maybe $6 if you buy…

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