Movie Analysis : The Movie Crash Speaks Of The Stark Differences

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Man has never run out of ways to express the underlying beauty of human struggles and define the delicate connections humans build. Paul Haggis is one of these artisans, his tremendous work with film in the movie Crash speaks of the stark differences the citizens of the vast city of Los Angeles and yet manages to emphasize the key similarities all these characters have: their relationships with the individuals that surround them. One such relationship featured in this 2004 Drama film is that of a father and his daughter, to which Haggis offers two portrayals that speak volumes of the truth that though circumstances differentiate these characters ' lives, their relationship with his or her father or daughter unify them. Through these two father-daughter relationships, Haggis reveals the power of endeavors to protect loved ones. One of the most heart-pounding of scenes in the plot is first foreshadowed with a Persian father and daughter trying to purchase a gun and ammunition, this opening scene for these characters defines the intricate relationship between Farhad, a Persian shop owner, and his daughter Dorri. Dorri is translating for her father, who understands little English, but recognizes racism when it yells him in the face. The man selling them the gun is causing the situation to get out of hand but Dorri is persistent in trying to keep everything under control. In this we see the love Dorri has for her father and her role as a protector in his life. Farhad brought his…

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