Essay on Movie Analysis : The Movie Business

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Movie Analysis Going to the movies is considered a treat for some Americans, and just another day for others. The movie business is a huge business not only in the money made while in the theaters but also through dvd and merchandise sales. In this paper, we will analyze the relationship of opening gross, total gross, number of theaters show in, and weeks in the theater through descriptive statistics.
In determining the mean of a set of data, you are determining the middle of the data set. As Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams (2012) state, the mean is “perhaps the most important measure of location” (p. 88). In determining the mean, you are taking all data sets and adding them together then dividing by the number of data sets. This gives us a middle point for the data. Below in table one is the mean for all four variables, which is the average of all the data. This data shows that movies have a mean of 15.73 weeks in 3,130 theaters with an opening gross of 30.2 million and total gross of 100.3 million dollars for the run of the movie.

Median Mean is a good way to find the middle value of a data set. However, mean can be greatly affected by outliners in the data set. To take these outliners into better consideration we can use median. The median is “the value in the middle when the data are arranged in ascending order” (Anderson, Sweeney, & Williams, 2012, p. 89). By determining the middle value in the data set through this method, outliners are better…

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