Movie Analysis : ' The Longest Ride ' Essay

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Countless well-known stories and movies are able to tell your typical love story in a way which is appealing to all. The director, Warwick Thornton and author, Nicolas Sparks are able to express the theme of love in two totally opposite ways. Samson and Delilah and The Longest Ride share many common approaches to love, but also several different ways which is able to decide whether one is favoured over the other or more successful.
The book ‘The Longest Ride’ and movie ‘Samson and Delilah’ share several typical love structures. These typical features being a boy meets girl, there is some sort of attraction and idea they are both into each other. In the movie, Aboriginals Samson and Delilah fall for each other and begin a unique relationship together. In the typical love story, it is found to be the girl who is usually more sensible as she has a longer term vision rather than a live in the moment. In the Longest Ride the main female character, Sophia, has the dream to go off to and work and begin the career she has always wanted to; ‘My real dream is to work in a museum’. (Pg. 61) In almost all love stories, there is some sort happy ending for the characters or a positive message to come out of it. The movie Samson and Delilah ends with them both in a small shed sitting together smiling, listening to music whilst staring off into the distance. Although this is an unexpected ending it is still a positive one.
Just like the longest ride, when Sophia opens up and art gallery…

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