Movie Analysis : The Great Gatsby Essay

1491 Words Oct 7th, 2016 6 Pages
In today’s society, most people enjoy going out to see a good movie or two. Before we do so we watch trailers and look at movie posters to see what these movies will be about. Movie posters are a good way to take a quick glance to capture the basis of a film before we pay to see it. Over the years we have progressively gotten better at capturing a movie through a single poster. In 1974, a very famous movie in the genre of drama and romance was release to the public. This movie is known as The Great Gatsby. This movie made 6.5 million in the box office. However, the movie poster is very simple. Including one picture of a couple with a border, the title of the movie, and a simple quote to tie up poster at the bottom. Fast forward to 2013, a remake of this movie was release in theatres. This time around the film made 50.1 million on the opening weekend and had a gross of 144.8 million in box office. There were many different posters floating around for the movie that were very intriguing for the audience. Being that there is a big difference in time when the original movie and the remake released, there is a big difference in the two posters and they both have a very different way of drawing in their audience.
Starting off with the original movie poster that was released in the early 70’s, this movie poster was extremely cut and dry. One of the possible reasons why this movie made so much for its time is because of the ethos shown in the poster. The two main characters in the…

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