Movie Analysis : The Bourne Series And Anastasia Essays

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How Hollywood Forgets the Real Facts About Memory Loss While the most intense amnesia syndromes are normally triggered by neurosurgery, brain infection, or a stroke (Baxendale, 2004), amnesia caused by traumatic brain injuries and psychological stress seem to occur more often in Hollywood cinema. Through the protagonists of The Bourne Series and Anastasia, Hollywood follows the aftermath of traumatic incidences which cause both individuals to develop retrograde amnesia and lose their identity. Both characters have difficulty remembering their lives before the incidents, and both stories depict the struggles of one with amnesia. While the directors correctly display how amnesia may occur, and some correct information on procedural and episodic memory, they inaccurately represent symptoms of post-traumatic amnesia and a large portion of the characters’ memory retrieval.
Hollywood’s Correct Memories of Amnesia Facts
Possible Triggers That Could Cause Amnesia The Bourne Series uses an intense case of retrograde amnesia to show how a trained CIA agent must re-trace his steps to discover his identity. The series begins with Jason Bourne being pulled from the water of the Mediterranean Sea onto a fishing boat. The viewer finds that Bourne has no memory of his past, his identity, his purpose, or anybody in his life. It is implied that Bourne suffered from various body wounds, but was affected most by drowning and hypoxia. Reed et al. (1999) conducted a study involving four…

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