Movie Analysis : ' Takers ' Essay

752 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
I chose the movie Takers. I watched this movie a long time ago and after the first time seeing it I immediately wanted to watch it again. In all the movie was about a few friends who were profesional robbers. They robbed big banks and they made a lot of money. They did it a few times then stopped until one of the crew members who was in jail gets out and tells them about a huge job and they can’t resist even though the one who told them about it is a sketchy character. They do the heist but it goes south because the member who was in jail turns on them and they all have to split up to survive. During this they all go through different things one in counters a cop then ends up at the bar with his brother and they both die. The rest end up okay but by the end of the movie they kill the member who turned on them. My favorite scene and the scene i picked is the bar scene it shows a lot of courage bravery and strength and although its sad you know they didn’t have any other choice.

The scene I picked in the movie is where the two members who are brothers end up dying. The scene starts with them running in the bar where The one character Jake finds his girlfriend on top of the bar dead. While Jake is there Jesse his brother runs upstairs to the safe where he finds the safe has been emptied. Jake screams up to Jesse to help and he comes to the balcony which over looks the rest of the bar and sees the girl in his brothers arms dead. Jake is crying and Jesse runs back…

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