Movie Analysis : Raj, Bohemian, By Andrea Chang Essay

1243 Words Feb 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Today’s society is built on consumerism and profit. Everything that people enjoy doing or buying, must come from somewhere, nothing comes out of nowhere, whether it 's a company or a friend inspiration. Although an individual must have his or her preference in what they like to participate in, but in reality an individuality is very limited to the choices they make. Hari Kunzru author of the story, “Raj, Bohemian,” the story talks about a group of urban tastemakers who like to go to parties and have fun. In the story Kunzru created a narrator who is obsessed with maintaining her individuality. He also points out how individuality related to a person’s taste and identity. Andrea Chang author of “Teen Haulers became a Fashion Force,” writes about teenagers who makes videos that publicize their latest shopping on YouTube. The article talks about real girls who like fashion rather than experts telling people what products to wear. The meaning behind real girls is that they 're not made up commercials to persuade the people to buy the product. But its girls who do it because they like doing it and they have their own opinion on what they are expressing. Both authors critique the idea that what people buy is based on their identity/ individualism. Consumer culture, people aren’t really buying based on their personal identities, they’re buying what market experts promotes tell them to buy. Believing in individualism is part of one’s identity and this connects to what type…

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