Movie Analysis : Poster For The Film ! Essay

804 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Looking at the movie poster for the film Unfriended, it is clear that the creators want moviegoers to watch a new genre of horror, captivating them with cyber possession revenge. The poster features a drop down search menu with the name “Laura Barnes” and the word, possession and revenge appear. Above the search menu, there is a teenaged girl screaming with her face distorted on a screen with only darkness surrounding her. Underneath the search menu, in red text it says, “THIS APRIL REVENGE COMES ONLINE”. This movie poster might give too much of the plot away, but still leaves the viewers wanting to know what happened to Laura. The creators obviously used the pathos appeal to get the intended audience emotional and curious to know how social media can be dangerous. The girl who is undeniably terrified takes up most of the poster with her screaming face appearing on what looks like a computer screen that has a glitch. There is nothing behind her, just a black background leading the audience to become suspicious about who or what is scaring this girl. The viewer gets a sense of isolation with the darkness enclosing on the girl who clearly seems to be at the center of the revenge storyline. Black, white and red usually are not happy colors but colors that are often used for horror films. With black being the dominant color, it sets up an eerie feeling and by adding red it only adds more of a disturbing feel. The specific color scheme is being used to grab horror fans’…

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