Movie Analysis : ' Parenthood ' Essay

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In the movie Parenthood (1989), directed by Ron Howard deals with the various family issues in the Buckman’s household. The entire body of individuals born and living in Buckman’s family demonstrates to the humankind the difficulties and joys of the family. It is a movie that deals sensitively and hilariously with family life and the stages of human development. Gil Buckman is a suitable example of what describes Erikson’s stage of Generativity versus Stagnation in the middle Adulthood. This seven stage characteristics of Generativity as an adult’s desire to leave legacies of themselves to the next generation. Whereas, Stagnation sometimes called self-absorption, this state of mind begins when a person recognizes that he or she has done little or nothing for the next generation, this is the negative side of Erickson’s generativity versus stagnation in middle adulthood stage (Santrock, 2016, p.350). Even though the changes of Gil were developing gradually the whole time in the movie, he eventually reaches generativity through providing nurture and guidance to his children. When he realized that his son Kevin has emotional troubles and requires a therapy and that his two other kids, Taylor and Justin, may have issues as well, he began to hold himself responsible and questions his abilities as a father. This is obvious in his relationship with his eldest son Kevin. When Kevin’s school expresses concerns of his emotional problem and had the intentions of…

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