Movie Analysis Of ' Gladiator Slots Pays Out Another Humongous Jackpot '

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Blog 15 – Gladiator Slots pays out another humongous jackpot

It was considered to the greatest movie of its generation and one that has proven time and time again to be truly genre defining. Gladiator was a box office smash when it released in 2000 and has since gone on to become widely recognised as arguably the best film of all time. Taking true inspiration from the movie of the same name, Playtech saw potential in an online slots adaptation of the film. Hence the idea was pitched and what has been created is arguably Playtech’s finest ever game. Gladiator Slots has forged a sturdy reputation for quality, with its recent payouts also drawing plenty of customer attention.

Battle Like a True Gladiator

Box office successes don’t come any bigger than Gladiator. In the year 2000 the movie was a runaway success at the cinema, with the story of Roman General Maximus capturing the hearts and minds of millions. His story is one of vengeance, as he seeks to avenge Emperor Commodus, the man who murdered his family. Given that the movie is such a dramatic affair, you can expect no less from the online casino game that it has inspired. Designed in a similar way to the movie itself, Gladiator looks amazing on screen. Set against a desert looking backdrop, the game features various iconographies that make it a true treat for the eyes. Given that it is officially licensed, the game also utilises various film clips and imagery, all of which add to the slots experience.


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