Essay on Movie Analysis : Movie Theater

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A movie theater in the eyes of many is a great place to spend a night with family, or with a special one. On the other hand, many other people believe that the movie theaters are actually disgusting, chaotic, and irrelevant. These people believe that staying in the comfort of their own home to watch a movie is much better than to travel all the way to a movie theater. I am one of these people who think that watching a movie in my own living room is better, than going all the way to a movie theater. Although, I love everything about movies, especially within the genre of Comedy, I feel like movie theaters are way too chaotic. The dirtiness, distractions, and the expensiveness of movie theaters are the exact reasons why I choose not to go to movie theaters. The first reason why I do not like movie theaters is because the movie theaters are rarely clean and are always dirty beyond belief. First of all, the bathrooms in the movie theaters are never clean. I feel that when I wash my hands in the sink that I am gathering up more bacteria and germs on my hands than before washing my hands. Second of all, the seats in the theaters always have food around its surroundings. The workers seem to put in no effort at all when they clean the theaters. This seems to always happen when I decide to go to the movie theaters because whenever I sit down in my seat, I seem to find something wrong with the cleanliness of the theater in my surrounding area. Third of all, the area where…

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