Essay on Movie Analysis : ' Movie ' Psycho '

1550 Words Nov 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Michael Luke Woolley
Professor Curley
English 251
3 November 2016
Long Cinematography Essay- Psycho Producing a successful movie means getting its purpose across to the audience efficiently. More so in a suspenseful picture, camera angles are a vital technique in achieving good responses from critics and the audience. Suspenseful movies use this technique to get the viewer to anticipate something to happen, without giving away what is about to transpire. Throughout Psycho, the use of camera angles allow us to get a sense of what Marion Crane and Norman Bates are thinking, contemplating as well as undergoing. At the beginning of Psycho, the emphasis is placed on Marion Crane, and the decisions she will make to get away from her current life. The director, Alfred Hitchcock, utilizes camera angles to allow the audience to grasp what she is thinking. As she is packing her bags, the camera repeatedly switches to the envelope with $40,000 inside, to show that Marion is indecisive and fearful in committing such an act. These techniques continue when Marion is in her car driving out of town and she sees her boss. The camera switches to a shot of her face, as well as out of the rear window, to let the viewer know where her attention is. At this point, her fear was at an upmost high because her boss is the person who told her to take the money to the bank. This type of shot is best described after Marion is woken up by the police officer. As she gets onto the road, the camera is…

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