Movie Analysis : ' Megan Comfort ' Essay examples

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In chapter five, Megan Comfort expounds her questions regarding chapter three, “Why do women decide to continue their relationships once their partners are imprisonment? Why do they not instead opt to form new partnerships with “free” men? What satisfaction do women gain from these relationships that compensates for the grief of forced separation and prison visiting? Comfort realized that each wife or girlfriends that decide to continue their relationship was because romance within the penitentiary’s grasp is in some way more promising or more rewarding than alternative associates have been or are anticipated to be. It can also be emphasize that each women have specific roles as a caregiver, and substitute site for domestic and conjugal life that are preferable to or easier to manage than the chaos and stress of the family home. Megan divided into three categories based on the circumstances under which they met their partners and the factors that contribute to their loyalty to them during their imprisonment, “those whose beloved has been incarcerated for the entirely of their relationship, those who “stand by their man” during his episodic encounters with the law, and those who, deliberately or not, rely on carceral intervention to hold together and otherwise untenable or dangerous liaison.” Regarding the categories, each woman doesn’t always have to stay among those categories and they have an option to change their perspective about each category, and have a different…

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