Essay on Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls '

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Introduction: I chose the movie Mean Girls to analyze. Mean Girls is enjoyable to watch and displays topics discussed in class, such as groupthink, conflict management, and leadership issues. The movie is entertaining and humorous and any demographic can enjoy it.
Mean Girls is a comedy film about a 16-year-old girl, Cady Heron, who moves from Africa to Illinois. Along with the move, Cady is also thrown into the wild halls of North Shore High School for the first time. Cady initially befriends her peers Damian and Janis, but soon, Cady somehow finds herself within the popular clique, also known as “the Plastics”. The leader of the Plastics, Regina George, is a self-absorbed brat who has blinders on to the world around her. Regina keeps a book in her bedroom, known as the burn book, where the Plastics write slander about their peers, teachers, and so called “friends”. Janis has a negative and dark history with Regina, and she and convinces Cady to do all she can to ruin the lives of the Plastics. Cady’s mission was to bring the Plastics down, and while doing so, Cady becomes a Plastic herself. In the end, Cady must decide who she truly wants to be and how to fix the relationships she may have broken while being friends with the Plastics. Although Mean Girls is over dramatic and embellished, it does shed light on issues many high schoolers face while trying to grow up and find their self. Mean Girls is a lighthearted film that brings joy and laughter to the viewer. The…

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