Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls ' Essay

1193 Words Nov 16th, 2015 5 Pages
Just like any book needs a cover, all the movies need to have a poster to advertise the movie, have a good first impression and have better success having people go watch it. Release date, actors, the appropriate age limit one must be in order to watch, and even sometimes ratings are essential to have in the poster. A movie poster needs to have a clever layout with illustrations, lettering, and depending on the movie, it should be either colored or black and white. A good poster focuses on visual elements such as good pictures and graphics to get the attention of a certain audience. These elements can also give the audience an insight into the theme and genre of the movie. A great movie that was successful and became really popular was “Mean Girls”. The movie poster is specifically made to get the attention of girls. More specially teenage girls because of the young actresses the poster portrays. The actress the director hired for the main part was a big movie star in 2004. Lindsey Lohan became a role model all over the world for teenage girls. So being the main character and the dominant figure in the poster grabbed the attention of many girls. Even if some girls were not fans of Lindsey Lohan, that was not the only thing that had their attention. The three girls to the right of Lindsey Lohan are grouped together looking a bit sassy and combined with the title “MEAN girls” suggests the film is might be about girls struggling to fit in and perhaps even bullying. The…

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