Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls ' Essay

1353 Words Jan 13th, 2016 6 Pages
After watching the film “Mean Girls”, there are some realistic aspects which can be applied to an actual high-school scenario. Though, most of the social context is purely based off of Hollywood creation, which allows for larger drama within and between cliques. Furthermore, there are many aspects which must be considered in comparing this fictional society to an actual high school scenario. This would include agents of socialization, social institutions, primary and secondary groups, and many other factors.

In regards to agents of socialization, some aspects witnessed within this movie can relate to actual high-school. This is because, during adolescence, peer groups, school, culture and media will play increasing roles as socializing agents, or influences within our experiences and understandings. Within the story, peer groups have a large importance and influences lifestyle and general social contact. This can be witnessed with “the plastics,” which is composed of Regina, Gretchen and Karen. They represent the A-list clique where all other individuals and groups are considered inferior. They focus on the social aspect of high-school where dress-code and daily activities must be held to a certain standard in order to remain a member. Furthermore, Janis and Damien also influence Cady by stating that joining the mathletes is “social suicide”. In comparison to the actual high-school experience, this rarely occurs. This is because a sense of popularity doesn’t really…

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