Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls, One Of The Most Popular Films ' Mass Media

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Popular culture and mass media has a large influence on our identities, behaviors, and interacts with people in society. Thousands of movies are made and watched throughout the globe, it is a form of entertainment that presents a bigger picture than most of us can capture. When we begin to analyze films using sociological theory, we are introduced to new themes, conflicts, and emotions that we do not originally notice. In this case, I will be analyzing a clip from the movie Mean Girls, one of the most popular films in mass media today, and use it to demonstrate how class conflict and dramaturgy occur. A well-known sociological theorist by the name of Karl Marx spent his time analyzing and understanding how class conflict arises. For Marx, there are two main classes, which he referred to as the Bourgeoisie, the wealthy and powerful class, and the Proletariats, the poor working class (Lecture 4a). One can define a class as a group of those who share common economic and social status (Lecture 4a). Thus class conflict is the domination and exploitation of the dominant group, the bourgeoisie, towards the inferior group, the proletarians. An important question that Marx always asked was “who benefited?’ (Lecture 4a). Since the Bourgeoisie had all the power, they took advantage of the poor working class and benefited from all their hard labor, however, the proletariats were not happy thus causing conflict. Marx argued that the way these classes were structured was a big problem…

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