Essay on Movie Analysis : Mama And The Boarder

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Naive Love
Love can bring people together forever however love can also drive people apart because of societal standards. Two people can love each other but due to the options of society, they can never be together, which creates a sense of forbidden love. In Korea during the 1930s it was unusual to see a widowed woman remarry. Remarriage was seen as inappropriate and taboo by Korean society. This forbidden remarriage in Korea is what Chu Yo-sǒp focuses on in his story. He describes the love between a mother and a boarder through the eyes of a six year old child, after the mother’s husband dies. In “Mama and the Boarder,” Chu Yo-sŏp uses the naive narrator 's misinterpretation of love,which creates dramatic irony, to display the effects that the plot causes between Mama and the boarder thus creating the theme of forbidden love. In “Mama and the Boarder” the narrator tells the reader her age, which is too young to understand the emotions her mother expresses throughout the story. The narrator introduces herself. The narrator of the story is young and does not have much experience with things that happen throughout life, "My name is Pak Ok-hŭi and this year I 'll be six years old"(1). She explains that she is almost six years old. Most six year old do not know what love is due to their lack of experience. At this age Ok-hŭi has no experience in falling in love with someone therefore she does not understand the signs of love between her mom and the boarder. Ok-hŭi lives in…

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