Movie Analysis : Like The Matrix, Inception, Or The Adventures Of Mary Kate & Ashley

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Like The Matrix, Inception, or The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, The Truman show causes people to question their own existence in ways that can only be understood through liberal use of therapists and commercial sex workers. The reason for this is that every single shot is framed to give the audience the feeling that what they see before them is real. Most of the shots are given through static hidden cameras complete with the distortions that those cameras would bring. Peter Biziou, the cinematographer, wanted to make a world that closely mimicked the quirks of a bad television show set. “In making Peter Weir 's 'The Truman Show ' [Peter Biziou] relied on that 'unreal ' look to create an insular world lit by too-brilliant sunlight (Hess).” Cinematography is “Every creative choice related to composition, lighting, and camera motion—anything that audiences can see in a given shot. (Schoenberg)” Cinematography usually starts with the composition of a shot as lighting and camera animation cannot be done until it’s know what environment the scene will take place in. The Truman Show’s set is very animated with people walking the streets and buildings alive with people. However the entire point of the film is that all of this activity is a facade, an act, a fabrication. The extras we deliberately instructed to wander around in circles without any purpose in mind. Buildings are constructed cheaply and besides Trumans work and a few other buildings are all hollow shells, the…

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