Essay about Movie Analysis : ' Let First Ask Ourselves '

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Nothing better than watching a typical Cinderella story about a maid who falls in love with a wealthy person, unless the movie is filled with stereotypes. When watching a Maid in Manhattan, you first see a maid that falls in-love with a wealthy man, but as you continue to watch and think about the details of the characters you start to see all the stereotypes that make the movie so entertaining. Before getting to in depth of analysis of the movie, let first ask ourselves ‘What is a Stereotype?’ While reading through different definitions of stereotypes, I found one that seems the most explicit. On the dictionary website,, it states under the sociological definition that a stereotype is, “a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group” (“Stereotype”). When reading this definition, stereotypes don’t seem so bad. Yet when thinking about how other people are stereotype others, you think of a judgement based on a person, by a person, that places him/her in a group based on his/her actions and anyone who remotely is similar can be characterized and grouped into that group, more in a negative way. In the movie, Maid in Manhattan, different stereotypes can be pointed out from the beginning to the end. Although the movie, Maid in Manhattan, can be very entertaining, you can’t help but see all the stereotypes that make the movie a little less appealing.
Before understanding the stereotypes of the…

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