Essay about Movie Analysis : ' Kiss '

1113 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Kiss I saw this performance on Friday night, my initial reaction was a lot of confusion. The first act of the play was the story of some friends in Syria with a love affair, at times funny and sometimes awkward. The female lead was in love with her best friend’s boyfriend, who was also her boyfriend’s best friend, and they had wanted to start a relationship of their own. However she was going to be proposed to, this conflict made the story very intriguing because I wanted to see who the girl would chose. She ended up saying yes to her boyfriend, which left the friend confused and distraught. When the girlfriend of the male lead entered the scene she was upset with her boyfriend about an encounter she had while she was at work. After this altercation is when the story started to get really interesting. It was obvious that there was tension in the air, while the newly engaged couple wanted to celebrate their new the other couple was feuding, and they knew they both had secretes. While they continued to ask questions about a secret lover the engaged female began to get nervous. Her boyfriend noticed this and began to ask her what was going on, here is where she gave in and said that the friend had admitted he loved her and that he wanted to be with her but that she lied and said it was all him and that she wanted to marry her husband. The other girlfriend didn’t believe her, and began to ask her more questions about how he had said she had loved him. This started a bigger…

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