Movie Analysis : ' I Choose The Little Mermaid ' Essay

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Emily Gregson, SOCI 1101/13, Feature Film Analysis
The movie I choose is The Little Mermaid, it was released on November 15th, 1989. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions in the United States and was directed by Ron Clements and John Musker.
OVERVIEW/RELEVANCE OF THE FEATURE FILM The movie was based off of a Danish story written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. The writers, like in many other animated Disney movies, wanted to take a fun twist on what was originally a very dark fairy tale. Clements and Musker created this to appeal to young girls. The Disney princess franchise has always been a huge one and Disney continues to make films to appeal to this. According to IMDb, The Little Mermaid had a budget of 40 million and made a gross sale of 111,543,479 in the United States and 211,343,479 worldwide.
SYNOPSIS OF THE MOVIE The little mermaid is about a princess who is sixteen years old and lives under the sea with her six older sisters and her father, king Triton. It takes place in the city of Atlantica over the course of at the most a week. The movie begins with Sebastian, the composer, putting on a concert while Ariel is off collecting things with her friend Flounder that she finds deep in the sea for her collection. Ariel collects things like forks, candles, and other objects that might have fallen into the sea while boats went by or even sunk. While collecting her things she goes up to the surface to talk to Scuttle, a seagull who gives her information…

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