Movie Analysis : ' Hey Jason ' Essay

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Hey Jason, I agree with you on Thomas moving into the starting line up in place of Daniel and having a rotation between them especially if you think he can block aggressively from the backfield. I also agree on Sam as a better interior lineman (Left Guard) than at TE. If Sam or even Wyatt can block consistently at guard then I advocate for moving Connor over to the Light Blue TE as he is an aggressive blocker one-on-one and can seal the edge or drive block well. Ayman being out kind of hampered things a bit but we managed to do okay with what we have as there is some good depth on the line.
Offensive Line:

Connor (TE) Kyle (T) Sam/Wyatt (G) Jacob (C) Cooper (G) Ayman (T) DJ (TE)

Here is my observation.
O and D Line is a strength as we have decent line with size and strength and can go head to head with anyone.
Weaknesses are not getting consistent effort from everyone at the same time and players not knowing blocking assignments. On some plays we have one or two players playing hard and firing off and others are bull-shitting around. For example, in the first series I witness Jacob literally stand up and WALKED to the strong side as if he were pulling and looking back at the running backs. He did the same thing during the last game as well. I will address that. Backs have to be more aggressive in blocking. In all honesty, the Offense seems too predictable and not in a good way. As coaches, we are all to blame because we designed and call the plays. No offense to anyone,…

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