Movie Analysis : ' Hell ' Essay

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Tia stopped her verbal onslaught on Michael to engage with Tre. Going just off of a first glance appearance – furrowed forehead, flaring nostrils, tightened lips – she didn’t seem happy to see him, but looking into her eyes it was obvious she was glad he made the first move. “Who you calling a monster, dumbass?”
“People who call other people dumb aren’t too smart themselves.”
“You’re an exception. Your stupidity outshines everyone else’s by a long shot, making it hard not to mention it.”
“Oh yeah? Well, you’re…
“If you were looking in from the outside, you would think these two were the ones getting married,” Michael, who was leaning behind Tia’s chair, whispered to me. I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head in agreement. He completely read my mind. “Remember who’s your partner, Michael!” Tia said, giving him the stink eye. “Keep talking and I’ll make this next month a living hell for you.”
“I apologize.”
“Now, why don’t you be a good fiancé and go buy your woman an expensive gift before she makes you sleep on the couch tonight.”
“But we’re not living together…”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Attempting to get out his chair, the dismal Michael was held down by his shoulder with a hand that belonged to Tre, who was looking passionately into his eyes. In a calm, soothing voice he said, “Michael, no man should hold the burden of dealing with a man-eating behemoth and we won’t fault you if you decide to put her down one day.”
Just as sun rise signaled the dawn of a…

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