Movie Analysis: Group Dynamics In The Film Alive

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Group Dynamics in the Film Alive The film Alive focuses on the plight of a group of people whose plane has crash-landed in the snowy Andes Mountains. Many of the people who were on board were members of the same rugby team from Uruguay. The film follows them as they struggle to work together to survive without adequate supplies. The film focuses on themes of group dynamics such as power, leadership, cohesiveness, and decision-making.
Communication Styles Communication as a whole focuses on relaying a message to others, and there are many types of messages that a person may choose to relay to someone else (Toseland & Rivas, 2012). The types of messages that are used most frequently in Alive are messages concerning where each person stands
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Power and leadership roles change throughout the film. From the start of the film, Antonio is established as the primary leader and maintains his leadership role up until he dies in the avalanche. His death causes a change in the group, and new people must step up to be leaders.
Nando and Canessa become the new leaders, and they work together instead of having solely one leader. Tintin also helps them, although he is not a leader on his own. Having a team of leaders instead of one leader allows the group to share more ideas and increase their chances of survival. It also means that they have learned that it is possible to have power as leaders while also having communication with a co-leader and the rest of the group in order to continue to survive, which is the most important goal of the
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One conflict in the film is deciding whether or not to eat the bodies of those who have died. The group makes a decision by mentioning the dilemma and talking it out as a group. The group also decided that it did not have to be a unanimous decision, survivors could choose to not eat the flesh of the fallen. Having a discussion and not having to have a unanimous decision is one way that the group made decisions when conflicts arose.
Overall, the film Alive addresses many of the concepts of group dynamics. The film discusses group development, group cohesion, norms, conflicts, decision making, and several other topics in an educational and entertaining format. Like many groups, the survivors were brought together in an unsavory fashion, but were able to achieve their goals with some teamwork. This film is an example of how even daunting tasks can be made more attainable if only people were more willing to work with others to achieve a task. That is a lesson that many people should keep in mind for the next time they find themselves in a

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