Movie Analysis : Going For The Olympics, 1984, By Frank Romero

1424 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
In Frank Romero 's mural, "Going to the Olympics, 1984," it consists of five cars driving in a single file line towards the 1984 Olympics that was held in Los Angeles with hearts appearing above each vehicle, two gentlemen are wrestling in the sky next to a blimp that says "a good year" on it and a horse. The corner of the mural has a stamp on it and on the other side what looks to be an iron. The backdrop is saturated with Los Angeles trademark palm trees under the orange sky. The hearts situated on each the cars could represent Los Angeles ' love for cars and our passion for extensive adventures. The palm trees in the backdrop could possibly represent, though a bit farfetched, our natural way of life and how we view the world from our own unique perspective due to the fact that palm trees are not common around the world and gives Los Angeles its own unique identity that otherwise wouldn 't exist. The Good Year blimp found in the sky is also another aspect and detail about Los Angeles that encompasses the unique qualities of living in the west coast because the Good Year blimp is an entirely exclusive thing that provides us a special character that is Los Angeles. The two wrestling men and the horse would obviously represent the Olympics that were being held. The iron and the stamp are a bit more dubious and can 't be answered directly. The muralist Romero took great advantage with his choice of colors as they are very vibrant and dynamic, such examples would be his…

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