Essay on Movie Analysis : ' Ghost One And Coopz '

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When one first listens to the pair, Ghost One and Coopz, spittin ' to those Dr. G instrumentals; you can just feel something special is about to ensue. For some, it is nastalgic going back in time to the Golden Era when boom bap was at the forefront of Hip Hop. For others, it is something brand new, aggressive lyricism shot out the gun of harsh reality with numerology and symbolism crafted into the ammunition that is used in a battle against the mainstream (spiritual vs. robotic).

Most artists live life and talk about all their expeirences through their music. A true Hip Hop artist takes that aspect and puts it on their shoulders to explain their observations in a poetic manner. Often times, they are standing outside the world and looking into it (through a magnified glass, so to speak).

In the UK, storytellin '-wise, it is no different. The only thing in the UK that is visibly different, Hip Hop has remained in the underground. Untainted by the clutches of the mainstream music industry, it is able to stay more pure to it 's roots.

It is apparent and transparent that they are going to give you a taste of what going back to Hip Hop 's roots has to offer; where they are planted in a more earthy east coast style of Hip Hop. This is no surprise since Dr. G (a UK prodcucer, who I call the Rescusitator) is involved in this…

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