Movie Analysis : ' Finding Dory ' Essay

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Being born with short term memory loss is awful. It causes you to forget who someone is, where you come from, and most of the time you end up repeating yourself. In the animated Pixar movie “Finding Dory”, Dory (the main character) is a blue tang fish that has had short term memory loss all her life. Reluctantly after finding a home with her new friends for about a year, Dory has a dream. In that dream she has a family (a mom and a dad) that lived at the Jewel of Morro Bay. What dory doesn 't realize is that it 's a actually a memory of her past. Surpassing her illness of short term memory loss, thus starting her “Heroes Journey”. A “Heroes Journey” is a seventeen stage itinerary divided into three segments listed in order; Departure, Initiation and Return. The stages consist of what the hero in the story will do in their journey according to Joseph Campbell’s book, Hero with a Thousand Faces. The first of the seventeen steps is called “The Call to Adventure” according to Campbell it “ is the beginning of a big change, often by accident.” In the film, Dory was swept away by a pipes water current in the aquarium she was born in. As she was swept away rapidly her parents rushed over to Dory to save her when she was a baby, but sadly couldn’t. Many years later now as an adult, a school of stingray who were swimming by rapidly accidentally swept Dory away with their current when she got too close. As she was being swept away, she remembered, her parents trying to save her…

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