Movie Analysis : ' Disney ' Essay

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Disney exposed many boys and girls to what we had to do to live out our “happily ever afters”. The damsels in distress were all gorgeous and ignorantly eating apples from strangers or hoarding dinglehoppers until their handsome, wealthy men stepped in to marry them. Cue the end to the happy couple skipping to their white carriage, birds chirping, and the cursive, sparkling script “And they all lived Happily Ever After”. It is then that the guardians of the child will add another scene, one that is only added to the cheap sequels of those enamoring classics, the idea that with a marriage comes a child. Children (especially young girls), will be provided baby dolls with rosy cheeks and plastic pink kitchen sets and told about their modern day fairytale ending and expectations. So then we grow up donning the rose glasses of fairytales and underlying societal expectations, meet a lover, become intimate, and desire a child without any idea of the true consequences or hindrances we may face.The American family suffers a lack of realistic education and rigid societal expectations, and mothers or partners must know about the financial burdens and self sacrifice required to nurture a child, lest the child is raised in a home of torn relationships and resentment. If the caring of a child is the universal function of the family (page 310), then it is imperative to prolong the age someone becomes involved in a live-in, committed relationship until individuals are mature enough…

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