Movie Analysis : Disney Princesses Essay

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Sweep and dust and afterward, clean some more. As Snow White would say, “Just whistle while you work… and as you sweep the room imagine that the broom is someone that you love.” This well-known song mirrors one of the many concepts involved in the negative stereotype associated with Disney princesses, distinctly outlined by Rachael Johnson, a writer for the Education Specialist: “Princesshood is bound with being weak, passive, subservient to males, dutiful, and incapable of living an independent life.” Disney princesses are said to be weak because of their tendency to be submissive to male figures as they wait to be saved by these men. For example, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are both put into death-like slumbers, forced to wait for their prince to come and save them. The women have no way in which they can save themselves and, instead, are completely dependent on the men. Also included in these stereotypes is the likelihood of the princesses to do housework, and to be exceptionally beautiful. Although Disney princesses can be viewed with a negative stereotype, these women through the years have evolved as role models based on their good deeds, independence, viewpoints on love, and the pursuit of their dreams.
Most princesses (especially of the earlier movies) are criticized for their basic beauty based upon their light skin, small waist, and luscious hair and lips (Johnson). Additionally, many of the princesses are said to have “a sweet voice so low it could hardly be…

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