Essay on Movie Analysis : Crash, Directed By Paul Haggis

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The film, Crash, written and directed by Paul Haggis, tells the story of different people and the issues that they face regarding their race. The films main aspect was to look at racial profiling, as well as, the stereotypes that occur with every race. Throughout the movie there remains the constant issue of being able to trust people of different races and how they do not seem to be able to accomplish it. Throughout the movie, the audience constantly sees issues that these people face in their everyday lives. Although I have no experience with racial injustice, I find Crash to have successfully shown racism in the way that people prove to be excessive and insensitive to the subject matter.
The first major stereotype that we are introduced to is when Jean, a white women makes the assumption after seeing a black male walking that he was a threat to her. After she grabbed her husband’s arm tighter for safety, the black male, Anthony saw this interaction and decided to hold her at gunpoint and steal the couple’s car. In this particular situation her judgment causes him to act on her assumption because he is rightfully offended by her stereotyping him as a dangerous black male, therefore, causing him to act reckless. This scene was extremely powerful as it showed the idea that a person could involve themselves in a poor decision just based on a look. With the amount of racism that is shown toward African Americans, Anthony was persuaded to commit to that stereotype…

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