Movie Analysis : Crash By Paul Haggis Essay

938 Words Nov 19th, 2016 4 Pages
The film, “Crash” by Paul Haggis is immensely filled with racial inequalities. Within the film it did not matter what race a person was, because at the end of the day each character did not think that any other race was equal with their own. The significance of this film is distinct, and relates to racial inequality in Sociology in many different ways. There were racial slurs, acts of discrimination, and acts of prejudice against every race that was shown throughout the movie. However, the main concerning points in this movie were the constant stereotyping against Asians and African Americans, the difference between the majority and minority groups, and the acts of police brutality in relation to discrimination and prejudice acts amongst citizens. Without a doubt, there were an outstanding amount of stereotypes brought up against Asians and African Americans within this movie. For example, in the first scene the movie shows that a car accident has happened between an older Asian woman and a Mexican woman. Once the Asian woman begins to speak it is clear that she has a thick accent, and the Mexican woman begins to mock her with an attempt of speaking in the same accent as the other woman and blames the accident on her being Asian. This expresses the stereotype of Asians not knowing how to drive which has become a highly popular stereotype. Also, the actor Ludacris ends up stealing a van from the man he runs over in the beginning of the movie. There are people hidden in the…

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